Best questions to ask when booking your photographer

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When hiring a photographer for a photoshoot, there are some important questions to ask up front. First, do a little homework. Go to their website and social media pages. Check out what they’re doing. Most will already have what is included in the package as well as a price list. Here are the best questions to inquire about during the consultation:

How long after we receive the photos? You’ll obviously be excited to check out the pictures, but it can often take weeks or even months. Knowing ahead of time will help you manage your expectations. If you’re working with a well known photographer, this is especially important as they may have many clients ahead of you in the editing process.

When is the deposit due? It’s important to know. Most photographers will require some kind of deposit to firmly book your date. You should also inquire when the rest of the payment will be due.

Will I have the digital rights to my photos? Digital rights will allow you to share any pictures on Facebook or Instagram watermark-free.

Do you use Photoshop? There is a large community within the photography industry who believe editing is not photography. They are separate skill sets. Just because a professional is great with a digital camera, this does not automatically include editing. Ask your photographer what software they use for editing and if they use anything different for retouching. Lightroom from Adobe is the most popular for editing digital images. Editing and Retouching are different requests. Be sure to know what your photographer defines as editing. Photoshop requests to “make me look skinny” or “remove the car behind us” takes a level of knowledge beyond softening skin and removing a blemish.

What if I want extra editing? Ask ahead of time. There is a charge per hour in the agreement somewhere. Please read your agreements carefully.

Do you charge to travel to us? Sure most photographers do. If you are asking someone to travel beyond city limits be sure to ask if it is included.

How do you accept payment? Not all photographers will take a check. Most have an online way to pay. Just as other businesses ask for their preferred payment, it is courteous to stick with the request of the photographer.


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